Summer Camp Crafts

I’m volunteering for a summer camp next week, and have been asked to come up with three morning crafts and two for the afternoons. I’ve taught crafts at this camp before, though I couldn’t do it last year because I was in Syria. Our crafts last time I was there were:

Other past crafts projects have included a copper cross, bead crosses, a lotus book, and an accordion book. This year the crafts area is re-organizing a bit, so that every morning there will be three crafts projects going on at the same time: tie-dye, a three day icon project, and little crafts (run by me). I’m not sure how I feel about this, but when I’m being more accurate I remember that I never know how I feel about any art or craft project I teach nearly anywhere. First, some craft projects (I’m doing these over the course of three mornings):

1) Lanyard Cross


2) Sled Kite

3) Pentecost Windsock
4) Some kind of bracelet

20 thoughts on “Summer Camp Crafts

  1. I haven’t got a good answer for making the nail crosses. Because I had neither a budget nor a soldering iron, we just wrapped them in thin wire in criss-cross patterns and around the edges, into a loop, and back (not like the one in the picture, which does require soldering, and is only sold assembled). It wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t sophisticated, either.

    I think this is a good solution, (especially wrapped in tight wire, if you’re able to bend the nails, or have teens who could bend them.

  2. Your best bet would probably be to solder the nails together and use the wire for decoration more than anything else (could use string for a more rustic look). Galvanised ring nails should be a good choice. At a guess I would think they have used 1 x 4″ (100mm) and 2 x 2″ (50mm) nails.

    Hope this helps someone

  3. can you send me instructions for the NAIL CROSS please. my church is having a craft fund raiser in September to raise $$ for new church….would love to make these. thankyou VERONICA

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