Needle Felted Kitty

This cat looks more at home in the snow. I like how its pose came out, it looks super intent and sneaky. I think it’s an adolescent cat that’s building up its hunting skills. This was my first animal with whiskers — they’re made of embroidery thread slid through beeswax. I liked the effect and added some to the pocket mouse as well. The tortoise … Continue reading Needle Felted Kitty

Book Review: The Most Powerful Idea in the World

The “most powerful idea” in question is that of intellectual property, and the book traces the dual history of steam engines, which had previously been invented by mechanical entertainers in ancient Greece, with similar preliminary discoveries in medieval China — and of patent law, which had seen a significant shift in English common law that paved the way for the invention boom that was to follow. Continue reading Book Review: The Most Powerful Idea in the World