The blues are always vamping

Spring is beginning to creep in, slowly, with some setbacks. I spent several days wandering through grassy fields, picking little yellow flowers, and sat on a hillside with sunlight on my bare shoulders. I keep meaning to actually learn the songs I like to sing, but haven’t managed yet. Leaf buds are starting to form on the ends of branches. Since then we’ve had a … Continue reading The blues are always vamping

Having consumed my entire life in procrastination…

We’ve been at site for 6 months today. Lent starts Sunday. Kosova is very seasonal, especially in the villages, and we’re all waiting out winter. The weather keeps taunting us with spring, but doesn’t actually thaw anything. The snow thats been sitting in the shadows for the past two weeks. The unheated bedrooms. The blocked water pipes, which we forgot to leave running a few days … Continue reading Having consumed my entire life in procrastination…

Sitting About

Nikolaj Vilimirovich was a beautiful writer. He was almost certainly a beautiful speaker as well, going by the lovely collection of addresses he made to wartime England, Serbia in Light and Darkness. It makes me uncomfortable, because all Serbian nationalism encountered after the terrible reign of President Milosevic is likely to make me uncomfortable, but that doesn’t prevent it from being beautiful. He was also a poet, and … Continue reading Sitting About

End of Summer

Hints of the arrival of Fall are beginning to appear. There are fresh grapes in the stores and sheltered in stunted, half abandoned vines in neglected fields (my family’s vines failed this year because of poor weather). Blackberries and figs have ripened in roadside bushes, and we can eat them as we walk. The big pile of sectioned wood has been halved and stored for … Continue reading End of Summer

More village life

Kosova continues to be lovely. In Albanian June is Qershor, the month of the cherries, and they’re plentiful and tasty, as are the sweet peppers, which are coasted and eaten whole. There are fuzzy chicks zipping about in the coop, and little herds of goats and sheep wandering down the road. Nearly every day my charming little host sister picks a rose and gives it … Continue reading More village life

Village Life

Time has melted a little, since we’ve been moving around so much and following other people’s schedules, but I’ve been here about a week and a half now, and things are going well. For training we’re living in villages a couple of miles apart from one another in eastern Kosovo. We’ve got nearly daily language and cultural sessions, and bi-weekly Peace Corps mandated trainings in … Continue reading Village Life