Summer 2010: The Meditations of Rene Descartes

Dynamical Antinomies in Kant’s Prolegomena

Shakespeare’s Henry V: Counterfeit Chances?

Spring 2010: The Elements of Euclid: Constructing Right Angles

Lobachevsky: Migrating Angle Defects

Jacob Klein: Symbolic Unreality

Fall 2009: Practical Wisdom in Aristotle’s Ethics

Persons as Ends in Kant’s Metaphysic of Morals

Alexis de Tocqueville on Individualism

The power of shifting attention and the limits of suffering inWar and Peace

Summer 2009:The Epilogue of the Clerk’s Tale

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 94

The Connection Between Love and Suffering for Miguel de Unamuno (Download PDF)

Spring 2009: The Fox

Spring 2007: Philosophy of Education (PDF)

Fall 2005: My Life, an Open Book (Literary Biography)

Spring 2005: Spiritual Dissonance: a Testimony


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