In the interest of being a better informed, more organized, thoughtful teacher in the spring than I have been this fall, I devoted a couple of hours to making schedules based on units and holidays, and a couple more to reading our tenth grade textbook this afternoon. I soon realized that, although I had always assumed I had read that textbook, I actually hadn’t, but … Continue reading Schoolbooks

Concerning my own ignorance of language teaching

On Wednesday there’s a meeting with the minister of education planned for TLG-ers in Tbilisi and surrounding areas — Gori is included, I suppose because there are about a dozen of us, and so it’s easy to have us meet here and come by bus. Because one is generally more likely to get something out of a meeting by thinking about it in advance, I … Continue reading Concerning my own ignorance of language teaching

Pardon me, have you got a rubber?

Our textbooks are written in England. Usually that’s perfectly alright. Usually I find it rather charming. When teaching ESL, however, the differences which would ordinarily not have been an issue, such as Z being said “zed,” an eraser being a “rubber,” pants as “trousers,” “my mum is mad about footballing,” or the constructions of have: Sally has got a fish. What have Dave and Arleen … Continue reading Pardon me, have you got a rubber?