Writing Challenges

I’m sitting in the courtyard of the local community college, after sitting an hour in a coffee shop, and most of an hour in the library, and consecutively getting politely shown, as they swept up and dimmed the lights, that they would be closing soon, and would just as well not have to ask people to leave. It’s a lovely, clear evening, just after sunset, … Continue reading Writing Challenges


I said before I would explain the Enneagram a little, and why people like it, so I’ll try to do that now. It’s a personality model with 9 basic types, usually called by their number, 1 – 9, which are value-neutral. The arrangement of types are organized by a spiky star thing inside a circle, because it looks esoteric. Well, ok, not just that. Also … Continue reading Enneagram

Hi there

I’ve been rather scattered of late, and haven’t written, because, generally, I haven’t kept at one thought or questions long enough for it to result in an actual post. Also, I don’t have a very good relationship with the internet at present. A few things: The supra a few weeks ago was nice. I didn’t do a very thorough job explaining supra etiquette or leading … Continue reading Hi there


Christ is born! Glorify Him! Since the new year is coming up in less than a week, I’ve been thinking a little — a very little — about goals, resolutions, and so on, as is tradition around this time.It would not be inaccurate to say that I am not a particularly goal oriented person. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that I intend, and … Continue reading Goals

Hello again…

So… it’s been a month. A good month, with nice friends, a good church, good job, and so on. But not a very writing heavy month. Nothing on the Parish retreat, work, church, culture, financial education, a lovely supra… nothing on anything. I’ve been working for nearly four and a half months now as a marketing intern; the company, people, and job are all good, … Continue reading Hello again…

Chorus Assignments

Since we’re having a December performance, I’m becoming slightly uneasy. I hope that we won’t mostly learn Christmas music. While carols are lovely and I fully support singing them as Christmas draws near, they’re one of the only forms of choral music (besides church hymns) that we have cause to sing anyway. I’d rather learn songs that we generally don’t have any reason to sing, … Continue reading Chorus Assignments