Last night’s St John’s public lecture was about questioning and finding the right questions, which seemed appropriate since it was also parent night, and it served as a pretty good introduction to the method of study their sons and daughters will mostly be following. Mr McCombs argued that all “profound” learning requires intelligent questioning, including cases such as reading and appreciating great books, or learning … Continue reading Questioning

New Gelati Academy

the New Gelati Academy is a small new liberal arts college in Tbilisi that’s strongly influenced by St John’s College. It seems to be sort of a hybrid between a Great Books and business leadership college. It’s named for the Gelati Monastery, a medieval educational center near Kutaisi A visit from American Liberal Arts/Great Books folks: And, a Georgian poem translated into English (because it’s … Continue reading New Gelati Academy

Shakespeare Preceptorial Essay: Counterfeit Chances?

Alexander killed his friend Cleitus, being in his ales and his cups, so also Harry Monmouth, being in his right wits and his good judgments, turned away the fat knight with the great pelly doublet. He was full of jests, and gipes, and knaveries, and mocks. Fluellen in Henry V 4.7:45 As king, Henry V conveys a feeling of tremendous control over all the people … Continue reading Shakespeare Preceptorial Essay: Counterfeit Chances?

Dynamical Antinomies in Kant’s Prolegomena

Let the title be a warning: it really does read like that. * * * In Part Three, §51 of the Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics Kant presents four transcendent ideas, corresponding to his four categories from the tables of §21. These seem to be the great insoluble problems of metaphysics, and Kant is attempting to give an account of how that insolubility is rooted … Continue reading Dynamical Antinomies in Kant’s Prolegomena

Essay notes: Hume’s Treatise on Human Nature

I had thought to write on Kant, but I haven’t the time and Kant is in large part trying to salvage something of that which Hume had previously destroyed. So then I thought to write on causality, but first I had to finish our Hume readings for class. He has a very curious conclusion: he’s tired of this metaphysics stuff, being lost in the mists … Continue reading Essay notes: Hume’s Treatise on Human Nature