Life is a bit surreal right now. I want to leave – and have tickets out of here for Thursday. There’s an ice block down river, and it’s starting to flood. A lot of paths near the river are flooded – the water rose over two days or so, and then just stopped. If it goes any higher planes will be unable to land. In … Continue reading Flood


Yesterday afternoon we held a graduation ceremony at the Tuluksak school. Kindergarden, eighth grade, and, of course, seniors participated. There were five senior graduates this year (elementary classes average 12 students in a grade), four of whom earned a regular high school diploma, while three earned a certificate of completion. It was a nice ceremony, even though the district representatives couldn’t get here on account … Continue reading Graduation


Outside it’s finally starting to feel like Spring. Little streams of clear, cold, undrinkable water have etched their way through the ice between myself and school; children walk about in sweatshirts and rubber boots, and there’s a sizable lake that isn’t really a lake forming behind teacher housing. The water has reached my bottom step, so that I have to hop over it to leave … Continue reading Slush