In an effort to organize a Paschal supra this Friday, I thought it would be helpful to set out some (slightly modified) guidelines on what to expect: What is a Supra? It’s a formal Georgian dinner party, known for its structured, nearly constant toasting. The basic set-up: Get a table that can accommodate all the guests if possible, lay out a tablecloth on it (the … Continue reading Supra!


I made some khinkali this past week, to try it out as a possible church food festival dish. In all it went fairly well. Because I’m apparently too careless to follow instructions, I just read the ingredients, and put them together in a way that seemed reasonable under the circumstances. My recipe looking something like this: Dough: Take some flour. Add some salt. Add some … Continue reading ხინკალი

Sun and Grammar

School is now officially over for the year. It has been gradually drying up over the past few weeks, with the children being kicked out of their classrooms by repairmen, classes being cut to 30 minutes, and then half of the remaining classes being shed in favor (I imagine) of an afternoon nap or swim. I went back to Davit Gareji monastery, on the border … Continue reading Sun and Grammar


Blessed feast! Saturday afternoon, after getting back from Gelati and hanging out at the park in Kutaisi for a few hours, I went with Guchi, a Georgian friend, to her mother’s home in Lentekhi, a small town in Lower Svaneti. Her relative drove from Tbilisi, which was ever so much more convenient than trying to take a marshutka, especially as it’s about a five hour … Continue reading Lentekhi


Last weekend a friend visited Gori on Saturday, and I went to church on Sunday. I tried concocting something to write about, but it was all mushy, so I refrained. This week I went to Gelati monastery, near Kutaisi, and the town of Lentekhi in Lower Svaneti. I took rather a lot of pictures, and am therefore splitting the posts. The Gelati Monastery Complex was … Continue reading Gelati


This week I went traveling with two other volunteers, Amy and Teopile, (originally five, but three left after a few hours so they could get back on the marshutka) to Kazbegi, in North-Eastern Georgia. It’s pretty much the prototypical Georgian church on a mountain with an epic view, which shows up on most guidebooks. We walked up the hill (a fair hike), visited the church, … Continue reading Kazbegi

Christianity & Culture, continued

Christ is risen! “What is God teaching you through your time in Georgia?” I’m not certain, but perhaps what He’s teaching me through my time spent typing, with my laptop on my host family’s couch, is that it would be well to be less neurotic about how I interpret strangers’ generalized suggestions on stuff like classroom procedures, culture shock, personal growth, and so on. Stop … Continue reading Christianity & Culture, continued