Chronicle in Stone

Chronicle in Stone, is not a book I would have chosen to read on its own merits. Its primary recommendation was in being written by Albania’s most popular (and therefore most translated) contemporary novelist, Ismail Kadare. Actually, he’s the only translated Albanian novelist of any kind that I’ve managed to find as yet. Which is actually an improvement on the status of Georgian writers. He’s … Continue reading Chronicle in Stone


Christ is born! Glorify Him! Also, happy New Year! Yesterday we celebrated three holidays, not including Nativity, which is officially over but we still greeted one another “Christ is born!” anyway. There was a Liturgy for St Basil the Great, bishop of Cappadocia and Ceaserea, and also the circumcision of Christ. Yes, that’s a holiday. There was vasliopita (sweet bread with a coin in it) … Continue reading Kosovo