Edward the Mouse

Henna and Indigo Dye

Henna in hair

I’ve been experimenting with different dyes — ideally I’d like to move toward using more natural dyes, rather than chemical hot water dyes. The browns on this and the previous mouse are made with a henna and indigo mix, about half and half. The highlights use some cassia to dilute the color a bit. Today I made another henna and indigo dye, but mostly indigo, which came out a kind of dark ashy brown/grey.

Henna is also what I use for a hair dye, and it works great — bright (very bright on light hair, especially in the sun), permanent, hypo-allergenic, and conditioning. This is a great resource for learning more about fiber dying with henna.

Color tests

Edward the Mouse

This little mouse heard a noise in the night and is going out to investigate.

This my first try making a character figure, all the others have been more realistic animals. I think he came out rather nicely — it’s hard to not be cute with a little mouse in a hat and scarf, after all. The candle may be a little too yellow — I keep looking at it in the picture and thinking of a banana, but it looks good enough in person that I’ll probably keep it.

It’s probably more appropriate for Christmas, so it’s possible I’ll have to keep him over the summer, but it’s still wintery enough outside the hat and scarf seemed fitting.

Available for sale on Etsy.

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