Needle Felted Kangaroo Rat

After taking a break for the past month, I’ve returned to needle felting this week with a little kangaroo rat. I like how they have long thin mouse tails, but end in a little fluffy pop-pom at the end. Like many desert rodents, they don’t need to drink, and can get all the moisture they need from plants and seeds. The “kangaroo” name comes from their large back feet, which enables them to jump up to nine feet in the air.

Chicago First week in March
Still all brown and grey, but the birds are coming back.

It’s not quite spring yet, but some signs are beginning to appear. The sand hill cranes have been flying overhead, migrating back up North. We visited a quarry lake on the edge of Chicago a few days ago and saw more cranes, along with some local ducks and a chipmunk. The bulbs in our yard are starting to sprout, with a few inches of leaves showing.


Available for sale on Etsy. 

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