For us there is only the trying

It’s been a while.

I haven’t been working on felting or book reading too much this month, and have instead been wedding planning and scrapbooking, which don’t lend themselves as well to blog updates. I’ve also been listening to Anna Karenina, which is interminable, and which I don’t think I like. So far it’s mostly Desperate Housewives: Petersburg.

As has been the case most years since I left Tucson, February into early March is the worst month — the long tail end of winter. The snow falls, then melts, leaving bare grey-brown trees and bare, slushy, muddy ground. Illinois doesn’t have many evergreens to enliven the forest, which stands dead and dull. The world is desolate.

In February and March I name posts after wry and melancholy quotes that are completely disproportionate to my feelings about life, which are basically alright, other than wanting it to be April.

Even our cat, who never goes outside and is uncomfortable even leaving his floor of the house, feels it. He threw himself out of the second story window a few weeks ago. We took him to a vet to make sure he was alright, and, indeed, he was fine.

Yesterday we visited a wildlife canter to look at animals — mostly birds — that had been rescued on account of various injuries. The birds were interesting, though my main thought on the grounds was “this probably looks nice in summer.”


I made a scrapbook of the past two years partly just to remember when it starts looking green again. We saw a frog in late March last year, so I suppose around then.┬áIt isn’t quite finished, and it missing a few more months when I will probably continue to live in Chicago, some front and end pages, and a cover.

It’s a scruffy scrapbook. I don’t enjoy proper scrapbooking too much, with nice, attractive, well planned pages and inspirational, upbeat quotes, and prefer scruffy notebooks with pages cut out and hand drawn calendar pages taped in, so that’s what it’s like. There’s a personality trait called “orderliness” in which I am very low, and that shows up partly in preferring scruffy, textured layouts. I especially like the pages that are stacked, with ribbons tied to show there’s another page beneath them, taped in with washi tape. Thomas took most of these pictures.

New Mexico and UP Michigan August 2017 (Moved to Chicago)
Worked nearly full time at Starbucks until Mid-January, with a long train commute
We found a pretty fall path and interesting graveyard in Indiana near the dunes
I don’t have any pictures from this month, but will find some eventually. We visited Starved Rock, but didn’t take any pictures because it was too warm and dry that year, and the trees mostly just turned brown rather than gold.
We took a long weekend trip to Baraboo, near Wisconsin Dells. I also served a great many peppermint mochas.
January isn’t a great month, either. I cried a lot.
Thomas’ mother likes visiting Wisconsin in winter for their indoor water parks (not pictured)
I took introductory biology and chemistry courses. First frog sighting!
We explored the cyprus swamps in Southern Illinois. Spring! Hurray!
Then went back again with Thomas’ brother. It was greener, but with a lot more insects.
We met up with my parents in San Diego…
and Thomas proposed!
I did a pretty intensive supper school in chemistry and math, with a nice long break for wandering around downtown Chicago
I made Thomas felt red pandas for his desk at work
And spent a lot of time learning about OCEAN personality traits
We went on a nice trip to see the fall colors in UP Michigan. We also went on a very hot walk by a lake and saw a watersnake and crane.
More pictures of Michigan.
A nice birthday tea in downtown Chicago
I took a really interesting microbiology course
And Thomas worked for a government agency downtown
We visited the beer pubs and natural history museum in MIlwaukee
And I finally made some felt critters I had promised for Christmas
and lots…
and lots of felts
Notebook folder pages
We went back to Wisconsin Dells and I made a couple more felt critters.


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