Needle Felted Jumping Spider

Jumping spider inside leaf nest

Though I’ve been wanting to make a felt jumping spider  for a while because they’re the cutest, tiniest little monsters imaginable, which make little nests in leaves, I hadn’t made one before now because wrapping that many legs with felt is a fairly delicate procedure, as is adding horns and stripes. Since I’ve gotten a bit more practice now, I decided to give it a go. I think it came out rather well. They actually do the leg raising thing, I think as part of a wooing or competition dance.

Much larger than actual size, which is about an eighth of a fingernail across. At some point, when I have more experience with delicate wire wrapping, I’d like to try making one at half the size.

Available to purchase on Etsy.

Dancing peacock jumping spider at about two minutes in:

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