Needle Felted Duckling

As I mentioned in my previous post, the weather hasn’t been so good for photography — it was sunny for a while, but too windy and I couldn’t set felts down without them being carried away. Then it was grey and snowing for several days. Today it was sunny but snowy, which is probably as good as it’s going to get for a week at least, so I went ahead and took pictures. This poor little duckling looks like she wants to come in out of the cold though! If I still have her in spring I’ll take some more suitable pictures.

I had wanted to make some spring animals, and ducklings are classic. They mostly lend themselves very well to felt — the only problem area are the webbed feet, and as usual with birds I had to pose this one with its tail down for support. The wings also look a little funny, but that’s because duckling wings actually look funny when they’re flapping. If I make another it might be in the move traditional standing or floating pose with wings tucked — I had this one flapping because I hadn’t seen a felt duckling like that yet and wanted to give it a try.



Available to purchase on Etsy.

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