Felt Sloth

I made sloth on a stick planter ornament first, and like how he’s posed, but not that he’s permanently gripping the stick, and can’t be moved — the claw mittens go all the way around the stick, and are felted back into his paw.

For the second one I added wires that go all the way through her body and claws, coming out a bit at the very tips. I like that she’s moveable, and can cling to anything by opening or tightening the wires. Her face and coloring didn’t come out quite so well; I was so focused on felting around wires, which is a little tricky, I didn’t put as much thought into proportions.

If I make another sloth, it will probably be posed like the first, but include adjustable wires like the second.

If you or someone you know would like a little sloth of your own, visit my Etsy shop to order one.

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