First, I’ve got to say that tabbed browsing, for all its good points, is a terrible distraction, and I’ve got some terrible habits that I just don’t care enough about to try breaking. I just checked on Facebook and my own static web page three times in the past five minutes for no reason at all. Moving on…

At one point, when I had recently graduated and was pretty frustrated with teacher applications, where they kept insisting I put a bold face on all my insecurities regarding my own worth as a teacher, lesson planner, and employable human being, I had a vague desire to work “at a shop” where they didn’t expect much commitment, and where they wouldn’t ask me if I were a passionate change agent. I’ve since concluded that I misunderstood. It’s really difficult to spend a third of one’s time doing anything and fail to become at least somewhat invested in what they are doing. Unless it’s pretty worthless work, in which case you wouldn’t stay if you could help it.

So I’ve been working at this credit union. And it’s a good one: most everyone there genuinely wants to do right by their members. They want to help them make good choices and use their money well. And I’m pretty sold on lending being a good tool when used well (of course it’s not always used well), and think it’s worth teaching people how to save, use credit well, and so on. So when I encounter passionate anti saving and lending articles like this one, I find his conviction admirable, but am not at all sold. Not even if “the Church consistently anathematized lending-at-interest for over 1000 years.”

But that doesn’t mean that I necessarily want to write about financial stuff when I can help it. Make a goal. Make it SMART. Yup, that’s an acronym. Make a plan. Stick to your plan. Build your credit. Here’s how. It’s solid enough, and worth saying, but not by me. Not here.


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