Bookstore Road trip

I spent this past weekend about equal parts in a car, and at a bookstore in Kansas, celebrating the 25th anniversary thereof. I had encountered the owner thrice in book fair form, but never in person. While it is an excellent place (specializing in Orthodoxy and classics, like if you put the bookstores of St John’s College and St Anthony’s Monastery into a lovely old two story house, with a children’s hole in the basement and attic office), I mostly wanted to go on a little adventure with some friends (one of whom used to work there, and so had actual reasons for celebrating their anniversary). Which was lovely. I also got to visit the Wichita art museums and our diocesan cathedral of St George. Also, I wound up with a book called Person and Eros, by a prominent Greek philosopher who, unbeknownst to me, is interested in Heidegger, and so produces sentences like “personal otherness (otherness of existence or energies or ‘deeds’ of the energy), as starting point and recapitulation of an integral mode of existence, proceeds any intellectual definition of essences or phenomenological onticities.” My friend (the one who worked there) likes him very much, and I’ve no doubt that he has something worthwhile to say, if only I can get past stuff like that and figure out what it is he’s talking about.

I’m still going to poetry class, and still failing to write any poems for it. Today was about concrete poems and haiga (a short poem paired with an image). I got there a third of the way in, while the teacher was showing examples of concrete poems, and then some art supplies were pulled out and we were invited to make a haiga of our own, with a drawing or collage. I wrote self-diagnostic stuff on the theme of “why am I not making a collage?” It would have been more fun to have made a collage with some words on it and found some excuse for naming it Phenomenological Onticities, but apparently I wasn’t up to it. Or about our bookstore road trip, but I wasn’t even up to that. Ah, well.


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