Holy Dormition & life of late

Blessed feast! Today (actually last night in my case) we celebrated “the falling asleep of the Mother of God, which ends a two week fast. At Holy Trinity we had a beautiful Vesperal Liturgy at the chapel out in the garden, sung the Lamentations, mirroring the Lamentations service of Holy Friday, and then went out to dinner afterwards for variations of fish and shrimp. All of which lasted from 5:30 to around 10:30.

I believe that Catholics celebrated Assumption today, and that the main theological difference is that they say that Mary didn’t really die, but was taken directly into heaven, and that we say that she did die, and was shortly resurrected. The icon for the feast is lovely, centering on the reversal of the Mother and Child icons, where now Christ is holding Mary’s soul, newly born into Paradise. For anyone interested, this is the lamentation hymn (for Dormition), and here’s the English text (because I couldn’t find an English Youtube version in the two minutes I spent looking)

In other news, I’ve been getting home rather latish most days, which does not lend itself to writing. Also, I haven’t been bringing my computer with me, because, as the psychologists say, by then I’m suffering the affects of ego depletion (otherwise known as tiredness), so that if I do have my computer I mostly just restlessly browse the internet anyway. Nine at night after working and then walking about, perhaps going to choir practice or some other purposeful get-together is not a good time for writing unless one has something quite definite to say. Which I haven’t. Monday I wandered into the Plaza for Bandstand again and happened upon A Tale of Two Nations, which featured a lively Brazilian band who had bright metallic brocade hoop-skirted and crowned Mardi-gras style court folks out dancing in front of the stage, who then led a parade around the plaza. I am not in the least surprised to learn that they are known for Carnival music and dancing combos:


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