Screwtape Letters Play

I forgot in my previous post to mention, among the summer afternoon and evening activities, that I saw Screwtape Letters with some church friends last night. It was quite good. There’s only one speaking part, and he’s basically just dictating letters for an hour and a half, making it quite a demanding role. The actor did well, I think. There’s also a non-speaking demon secretary in fabulous makeup, who also did a good job at interesting and not quite human movement.

Also, there’s also been a family of juvenile cottontails in the backyard most of the day, which is sufficient recompense  for their eating the five lupine I planted this spring.


2 thoughts on “Screwtape Letters Play

  1. I’m curious. It really was just him dictating the letters? No “scenes from the life of” the dude in question or anything?? That’s rather daring, or… something.

    • Mostly just that. there were a few instances where the other, non-speaking demon sort of embodied, as in a trance, some of the other characters, such as the Patient, his mother, his beloved, and some others. But there weren’t any other actors, and Screwtape was literally dictating letters the whole time (after the prologue where he was giving a speech at a demonic banquet).

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