Hi there

I’ve been rather scattered of late, and haven’t written, because, generally, I haven’t kept at one thought or questions long enough for it to result in an actual post. Also, I don’t have a very good relationship with the internet at present. A few things:

The supra a few weeks ago was nice. I didn’t do a very thorough job explaining supra etiquette or leading toasts, so there was a certain amount of bumpiness there, but there was a good deal of lovely food and folks were very good sports. I’d like to try a picnic supra sometime soon.

I made blue corn/cranberry scones this morning. Lovely. And purple. Blue cornmeal costs the same as yellow (at New Mexico Sprouts, anyway), and is more exciting.

I’m reading The Wind in the Willows today. Such a lovely book.

Marketing style writing is quite awkward for me, and I’m not very good at it File this under “old news,” but it has surprised me a little since my self-perception still tells me that I like and am fairly good at something called Writing, in general. Not editing, so much, but short essays at least. I expect this is because, hitherto, I have only ever had to write on my own behalf, in my own voice, and people are willing to overlook a number of stylistic flaws in the name of “authenticity.” Which is easy — you just have to say what you really think, only more thoroughly. Writing on someone else’s behalf is quite another matter — I can’t just say whatever I think and hope for the best — and that makes me nervous. I have little practice or confidence at it. I hadn’t realized how different it was, writing for oneself versus for an organization, even one I like and agree with.

It somehow works out that, for me, writing is usually more personal than design, so it’s easier to write for myself, and design for someone else. In general, I don’t design for myself, and while I do write for others, it takes a lot of re-writing for it to be neither too personal nor dull.

Enneagrams have been coming up a fair bit of late. My neighbor is very into them, and some friends. In general I like personality typing, and this isn’t an exception. There are 9 basic types, which are named by position 1-9, and different relationships between the types. It might be worth explaining this in another post, lest it overwhelm this one.

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