Blog Reform

Since I’ve been using this blog as a sort of scrapbook/notebook that’s currently 800 posts deep (and which even I can’t navigate very easily), I’ve made some fairly obvious changes to facilitate more pleasant navigation. Supposing that there’s someone interested in doing that. It’s still a little funky, and certainly very amateur, but I hope it’s a bit more obvious what’s going on. Some categories are clumped by time and place, like Tuluksak, Syria, Sakartvelo, while others are clumped by theme, like teaching, art, and Christianity. I’ve added all the time/place clumpings to the sidebar, with a picture I find to best express each. The thematic categories were a bit trickier, and I left some of them out, if they aren’t a recurring theme, in the interest of cleaning things up a bit. If you really care, there’s a drop-down menu that still has all the posts sorted by category and date. I’ve also moved the Essays to the sidebar, next to the categories they’re most similar to (so the St John’s essays are next to the St John’s posts). I hope that this is helpful to someone besides myself.


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