Just Checking in

Taken by Stuart John

I’ve been remiss and discombobulated in respect to keeping up with writing. My friend, MG, got married and is moving away — it was very lovely, and she will be very missed by many around here. 

I’ve joined a chorus class at our local community college, about a mile from where I live. This week’s assignment is “Dona Nobis Pacem,” a round arranged by Mozart from a line in the Mass, “grant us peace.” We’ll be singing it together on Wednesday.

Work has been going fairly well, I think. I’m a marketing intern at a locally owned credit union.

Yesterday I went with nine other people up to the Archangel Michael monastery to help preserve apples, of which they have a ton. It was nice, laid back, and although we didn’t get through many apples in proportion to the amount on the trees, it’s a fair amount for three monks to be eating for a while. I drove all the way myself, too 😉 We’re planning to go back next week to celebrate their feast day with Liturgy and a Labor Day picnic.

I intend to write more detailed posts in the future, when my life has resumed more stability.

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