Impromptu Excursion

A different view of the bridge of the second church

Life here is uneven. Yesterday I got up at six, took a train to Kaspi, sat around for two hours waiting for other volunteers, went on a monastery tour all day, got back to Gori at 1 am, woke up again at 7, and went to Gori Jvari, the little church on the hill, for the other Saint George day. Then I’ve had nothing whatever to do all day since except take a nap and eat with a neighbor.

There were six of us volunteers and an English speaking Georgian girl yesterday, all nice people; I knew two of them already, and had emailed with another, but none of them are from Shida Kartli. Since one of the other volunteers, T, is a recent convert to Orthodoxy (he didn’t convert in Georgia, though), there was a lot of “convert talk,” which I enjoyed; it was comfortable and familiar in a way that talking with Georgians, however good for me, never is. We’re at slightly different points in the convert assimilation process, and I enjoyed that, because T is much more excited about everything Orthodox, Georgian, and traditional, while I tend to be more reserved, and have become slightly more so with time.

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