Palm Sunday

Blessed Holy Week (or Happy Easter, as the case may be)! I stayed over Saturday night in a hostel in Tbilisi for the first time since August, and then took the midnight train back on Sunday. The weather has warmed up so abruptly that it was sometimes almost too warm, as though we had skipped a month and plunged straight into summer. I was there with L whic I know from Tucson, two of her friends, one of whom I’d met before at Mtskheta, and then, Sunday evening, two more volunteers, on of whom I knew from intake. We went to see Swan Lake, and quite lovely, with a good leading ballerina, in a charming theater which was big enough to attract a nice show, but small enough to see well from pretty nearly everywhere, for about $12. After drinking fruit juice and water all day, I managed to not be seriously dehydrated for perhaps the first time all spring. On Sunday I went with L to Sameba (Trinity) cathedral, the new, impressive patriarchal cathedral shining on a hill in the center of town, which managed to not be so insanely crowded as other, smaller churches. We even got to be in the balcony for a while, where it was more or less possible to see what was going on in the central quadrangle, which is usually utterly mysterious to me. It was Orthodox Palm Sunday, but here they do some kind of green leafy bits of branches which the dictionary labels “box-tree,” and there was a crowd of people selling it on most every street. Today was a holiday, so I got to sleep in very late, after which I went to meet some people for “communicating with a foreigner” practice and to church for the Canon of St Andrew. In America it would have been Bridegroom Matins, which has some of my favorite hymns ever — I don’t know when they do that here. I also read a gothic romance by George MacDonald. In all, it was quite a nice weekend. I feel that I should “process,” as psychologically minded people are wont to say, this into some more interesting article, but as it’s not immediately obvious what that would mean, I shall pause here first.


One thought on “Palm Sunday

  1. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend! A Blessed Holy Week to you, too, and a Happy Easter from Protestantland! He is risen! I’m so glad you felt better and were able to see Swan Lake, friends, the service at the Tblisi cathedral, and manage to drink enough juice. Keep it up, and enjoy the spring.

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