It’s cold, snowy, and windy… again. So after a very grumpy day yesterday, involving nearly three hours on a cold and bumpy bus, I just stayed in today and huddled beside the heater with an e-book, a laptop, and herbal tea. I checked the weather report online, which thought that it was aroung 30 degrees, but felt like 17. It was kind of boring, and I felt a little guilty because I could have gone to chant practice and Vigil, but I think it was probably for the best.

As part of an attractive and helpful re-design, the Holy Resurrection church website now features a lot more information on how its members are participating in the church and community, including the Orthodox Christian Mission Center. Even though I’m not in Tucson at present, they thoughtfully put up a page for the OCMC youth mission to Moldova I plan to participate in this summer. Thanks guys!

Actually, the new website is making me a wee bit homesick for American-style lenten activities: women’s retreat to St Paisius! Wednesday soup suppers! pan-orthodox vespers! It’s not the case that small groups of Georgians don’t get together for post-liturgical luncheons or visits to monasteries. They do. But it’s not necessarily easy for a foreigner to find out about these things or participate in them without a personal invitation — church bulletins, calendars, and websites don’t play the same role here that they do in America, I think because it’s assumed that most people already have a local social network they’re part of, which is assumed to be Christian, because most everyone is assumed to be Christian.


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