Concerning my own ignorance of language teaching

On Wednesday there’s a meeting with the minister of education planned for TLG-ers in Tbilisi and surrounding areas — Gori is included, I suppose because there are about a dozen of us, and so it’s easy to have us meet here and come by bus. Because one is generally more likely to get something out of a meeting by thinking about it in advance, I thought that perhaps I should give a moment’s reflection to my experience with TLG so far.

Having already tried a couple of times to begin along those lines, I’ve found this question to be less clear than I had anticipated. I tried writing for about ten pages, but never hit on quite the center of what I was trying to get at. I think that’s because what I’m trying to get at is at least partly that I am, at present, too ignorant of the differences between successful and unsuccessful language teaching and learning to know the extent to which my presence here is helpful or likely to become so.


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