Yesterday afternoon a fellow TLG-er visited town from a neighboring village with a family she knows from the police. I went over to meet her, supposing (I should just stop doing this) that I would say hi, perhaps visit a village for a few hours, have a cup of coffee, and come back. Actually, it was more like 30 hours. We visited Zarzma, drove through Abastumani, met various relatives, and hiked up a mountain to a ruined castle. If you’re beginning to notice a theme of visiting old monasteries and castles, then eating — that’s a pretty accurate picture of weekends in Sakartvelo. I don’t have pictures, because I didn’t figure there’d be anything to take pictures of.


One thought on “Alkrostikae

  1. Wow, Molly! You have had so many great opportunities to meet people and get around. You certainly don’t need to try to go find some people playing games in the TI! LOL. Just go to Georgia and people will find you. I’m envious. Thanks for keeping up the posts.

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