Teaching at the police is somewhat odd. They’re learning English voluntarily, and have a lot of other work to do, so only three or four of them come to class regularly, and the others come, go, are often absent, and often take calls or work on paperwork in the middle of class. Educationally speaking, then, I’m not sure that the class has been much of a success, simply because one is unlikely to improve much if one is not present, or is not paying attention. This bothers me, perhaps, less than it should. So far as I can tell their reasons for being absent are good ones: they’re out of town, working on cases, “on holiday,” providing security for events, etc. They say that in the summer they’re very busy, and things are slower in the winter.

Meanwhile, I have a lot of time on my hands. This is a little awkward, because I’m not very good at using my time well, and I keep being invited over for coffee, usually with relatives of my host family, to listen to them talk with each other in Georgian (Kartuli, as they say). I think that I may starting taking day trips sometimes just so as to avoid being subject to these visits, which would be a bit wearing even in an English speaking country, since I don’t know that I could participate in their conversations even if I understood what they were saying. I need to learn how to take busses or marshukas to places.


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