Training Notes: Day 4

I didn’t write yesterday — or didn’t post what I wrote yesterday — because it was lengthy and confused. We had three hours of class about “gender roles” on Tuesday evening, and four hours of teaching methods on Wednesday afternoon, and both classes were somewhat unfortunate. I don’t suppose that there’s any possible way to make a three hour class on gender roles interesting, but reading and explaining about fifty points from a Powerpoint slide would not be it, were there such a possibility. I like and respect our teacher, and she knew it was somewhat dull, but it was probably mandated by someone that we should learn it, so there it was. I’m not fond of teaching classes under the best of circumstances, and listening to someone with a heavy foreign accent in a hot room for four hours straight talk about situations which the volunteers we met who have been here all agree are entirely irrelevant is… trying. C’est la vie. It’s times like that I come to realize what a terrible student I have the potential to be — which is, perhaps, a good exercise in empathy.

The evening was better, though. We got to sit comfortably (rather than at tables under artificial lighting as we had been for ten hours or so previously) and talk with volunteers who had been here for one to five months already, and then went to the restaurant next door for local beer. I don’t especially care for beer (I gave it another chance, and am still not enraptured), but it was rather fun, and every now and again a song would come on very loud and some other diners would get up and dance, with quite a lot of speed, energy, and some leaping about (two men in particular would do this especially).


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