In case I do in fact leave this week for distant lands, I’ve been packing these past three hours. It feels a bit like trying to solve the old question: if you could only have three books on a desert island, what would they be? Not that I’m planning on being marooned on a desert island — and the measurement is mostly in pounds rather than volumes. Apparently I would currently take: The Orthodox Study Bible, A Beginner’s Guide to Georgian, a Georgian Bible, an Orthodox prayer book, an anthology of poetry, Till We Have Faces, Lives of the Georgian Saints, Remember Thy First Love (Archimandrite Zacharias), and His Life is Mine (Elder Sophrony). Don Quixote and Anna Karenina are under consideration. Unfortunately, these are all thick volumes weighing at least a pound. I’m not quite sure what this says about my state of my mind at the moment…


One thought on “Packing

  1. You should bring The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (not the novel, the actual guide, if there is one)

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