Final Art Project

I think that I may need to simplify a bit: suggestions are appreciated.

For the spring semester, instead of a final test you will be making a final art project. It is to be based up an artist or art style from the early modern period, because of how important and dynamic the changes in European and American art were at that time.  

Duration: You will have two research days and five class periods to complete this assignment. It must be turned in before May 23.

Topic: An artwork based upon an important modern artist or art style

Groups: This is mostly an individual project, but you may work with up to two other students if you have prior approval to do so and the project is substantial enough. If, for instance, three students want to paint an 18×24” expressionist scene on canvas paper, or to construct a paper mache cubist sculpture, that might be permissible, at the teacher’s discretion.


  1. First Research Day
    1. Look up the styles listed below; choose one to base your final project on.
    2. Once you have chosen an art style, look up more information about it – who were the artists involved? What is similar about their work? Different? How is their style distinct? What were they trying to show, express, or accomplish? Write down notes about their work.
    3. Write your name and the style you intend to work with on a sign up I will be sending around the room.
  2. Second Research Day
    1. Brainstorm ideas for a drawing, painting, or sculpture that could express the ideas, interests, and subjects of your chosen style. What medium will you use? How large will it be? What will be in it? Will you need reference pictures?
    2. Complete the attached brainstorm/sketch sheet.
    3.  If you will need special materials, bring them in.
    4. Draw, paint, or construct your final art project.




    Media available

    1. Claude Monet
    2. Edgar Degas
    3. George Seurat
    4. Mary Cassatt
    5. Camille Pissarro
    6. Paul Cézanne
    7. Pierre Auguste Renoir
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Tempera Paint
    • Oil Pastel
    • Plaster
    1. Marc Chagall
    2. Joan Miró
    3. André Masson
    4. MC Escher
    5. René Magritte
    6. Yves Tanguy
    7. Salvador Dalí
    • Graphite Pencil
    • Colored Pencil
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Tempera & ink
    • Oil Pastel
    • Marker
    • Paper mache and wire sculpture
    1. Pablo Picasso
    2. Fernand Léger
    3. Georges Braque
    4. Henri Laurens
    5. Juan Gris
    6. Jacques Lipchitz
    • Graphite Pencil
    • Colored Pencil
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Charcoal
    • Oil Pastel
    • Marker
    • Paper mache and cardboard sculpture
    1. Henri Matisse
    2. Albert Marquet
    3. Kees van Dongen
    4. André Derain
    5. Georges Braque
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Tempera Paint
    • Oil Pastel
    • Marker
    • Tissue paper collage
    Abstract Expressionism, Dada, Ready Made, Pop Art, Art Deco
    For reasons related to assessment and cleanliness, you may not use these styles for a final project
    1. Edvard Munch
    2. Vincent Van Gogh
    3. Käthe Kollwitz
    4. Emil Nolde
    5. Georges Rouault
    6. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
    7. Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
    8. George Grosz
    9. Wassily Kandinsky
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Tempera Paint
    • Oil Pastel
    • Charcoal

One thought on “Final Art Project

  1. Hmm. Seems clear to me. On first read, it seemed clear that in order to do a good job, one would need to have an interest in at least one of those artists. On further consideration, you’ve laid it out well enough that one could manage it OK without necessarily liking any of them. For my part, I don’t know how I could even contemplate something like this without having some driving interest. (nit pick: I think item 2.4 was intended to be process step 3).

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