The Georgian Alphabet

In the interest of keeping myself busy and beginning to figure out what is involved in learning Georgian, I went and looked up the Georgian alphabet. Yes, they have their own alphabet. It doesn’t use capitals, except sometimes in “modern literature.” I suppose that’s the georgian equivalent of e e cummings not using English capitals. They have used three different alphabets through the centuries, and their current one looks like this:

Mac OSX (which I use) makes a point of letting users easily switch between the scripts of different languages. Not Georgian. I could type in Gujarati, but not in Georgian, despite it’s rather self-conscious possession of one of only 14 such alphabets in use globally. It looks disconcertingly unlike Latin, Greek, or Cyrillic. Here’s someone writing Georgian letters.


2 thoughts on “The Georgian Alphabet

  1. What an interesting looking alphabet! I would have expected it to have more resemblance to Greek or Cyrrilic.

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