School Plans

Ugh. I spent all day fiddling with stuff on my computer and arranging times and spaces for spring art assignments. I knew that when I don’t bother making formal lessons or figuring out times for things there are reasons — one of them being how easily I am then thrown off by schedule changes — but I had forgotten the feeling behind this one. I just sit here for hours and hours organizing information. It’s not so bad at the time, but afterwards: ugh. The main problem is that I must neurotically move stuff about so that it all fits nicely — and nicely is really only a figment of my imagination. Especially since I’m not even confident that I’ll be able to insist on keeping to this plan. Anyway, tomorrow I have to design an impressionism lesson plan, and possibly a slide show that’s complex enough to take five hours of class time, but not so complex as to be unreasonable. Meanwhile, my brain feels like it’s been dropped in sludge.


One thought on “School Plans

  1. As my mother said so often, we all have to things we don’t like to do. Your laments and my laments about school stuff (I heard myself saying the other day “eight years of being in Death Valley”) remind me of Schmemann writing in his journal of how he doesn’t like doing administrative, Dean of the School stuff; how what he likes doing is writing and doing the liturgy, doing his church duties. Alas and alack! I am praying for the energy to not live in the puddles, to echo Goethe.

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