Mosaic, part 2

As of Friday I’m on a two week break from teaching, so I’m trying to attend to things that I’ve been neglecting. Saturday and Sunday I was at St Piasius monastery by invitation of some friends, which was lovely. Today I got to go to an early Liturgy and bought a new computer to replace one that has been gradually losing functionality for the past four years or so. Then I started experimenting with the mosaic I had started yesterday. The tile nippers will break my tiles into halves or quarters — triangles or squares. If I put a paper towel over a tile and hit it with a rock I mostly get tile dust, and likewise feel like a monkey searching for grubs. If I hit a tile wrapped in towel with a rubber mallet nothing in particular happens to it. If I put a tile glaze up on brick and hit it with the mallet nothing happens. If I turn the tile glaze side down and hit it with the mallet on the brick it breaks into irregular halves or thirds. The nippers are the most straightforward way to divide tiles, but I suspect my hand and wrist would start hurting if I had to do very many — the halo would look better, for instance, if it was entirely edged in tile halves, but I haven’t the patience nor strength for it, so it’s going to keep the heavily pixilated look. I’m gonna need to split some tiles for facial features, though.


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