Mosaic, part 1

I have a church assignment to look into making “icon mosaic kits” suitable for youth. Today I got in a box of “tiny tiles,” which are squares of glazed tile just under 1/4.” They’re pretty. Like tiling with candy. So I laid them out on a board to see what happens if I don’t cut them. Tile soup is what happens. I’ve got a glass cutter and tile nippers, however, so tomorrow I should try cutting some and see how that goes. I hope these tiles aren’t too small for the nippers, since then I’d have to buy a mosaic cutter, which is kind of expensive.


4 thoughts on “Mosaic, part 1

  1. Molly, this is a cool idea. Let me know what you determine might work best – I am personally not looking for perfection in the process. I might do this with my Reflections Class. I would so love a week talking about iconology and making an icon.
    Are you putting these together from scratch or do they come as sets?

    1. That would be neat — I’ll probably put up an instruction page when I have some idea what I’m doing. There aren’t any kits that I’m aware of, which I suppose is why I’ve been asked to try making some. So far I’ve been to Home Depot to have a plywood board cut into rectangles, bought a bag of grout, a container of mortar, borrowed tile nippers from my brother, and ordered mini tiles online.

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