Happy Thanksgiving

A glass of sparkling peach-grape juice; 4"x6", acrylic on paper


In judging this painting, keep in mind it’s quite small; smaller than you see it here. Thanksgiving was lovely; my parents, brother, grandmother, uncle, aunt, and cousin were over, talked, ate, and had a delightful time. Thanks be to God! My favorite thing about this glass was the way the lights in the room converged on it to throw four different shadows, along with the orange lights cast through the juice onto the table.I didn’t manage to get all the reflections, though. If I were to re-paint it what I would most want to change would be to use a bright yellow instead of yellow ocher to make bright orange for the transparent reflections.

I think I’m going to do more small paintings because, well, they’re less work. And I can send them to people. Should you see one you like (well, even a larger one, really) and like it, post a comment and chances are it’ll be yours.


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