Art Supplies

Weighted Line Shoe Drawing in Crayon

Perhaps I just had a tiny art supply epiphany. I’ll have to wait and see if it ends up being true. I was working on a sketch for our next art project, the one about gesture drawing, and so I took out a shoe, put it on top of my scanner, and sketched it in red-orange crayon. Then I went over it in magenta crayon, and it’s kind of cute. Guys would probably have a sneaker and maybe blue and gray and black crayons, I suppose.

I want the students to learn to sketch, and shoes are convenient (they need to bring an extra if they can, though — I don’t want a room full of stinky feet, and we’re working in the lunch room at one location! ). It’s a project I larned from my mentor teacher, Ms Valandry, when I was student teaching. She had drawing paper and easels, and I currently don’t, though I rather wish I did. I’ve got a bit of supply envy for the high schools. But I was drawing this little sketch of the shoe on the printer, and I realized that it can in fact be done quite adequately with a crayon and a sheet of printer paper. Well, it can be done anyway. I could get three views in there, crop the edges with a paper cutter and mount it on black construction paper and it might actually look like art. Even if it doesn’t, it’s still nearly as good an exercise as it would be with charcoal, even if I would rather have charcoal, just because it’s fun to experiment with. In some ways crayon shows even better how important it is to have a light touch when sketching, because there’s no erasing that stuff — it just has to stay there, but nobody will much care once you’ve solidified the more important lines.


One thought on “Art Supplies

  1. As retired teacher, so appreciate the exercise. Amazing how a class (any ages) could all look at the same object and then 20 (or so) different interpretations would emerge. The simplest of objects seem to provoke the most intrigue, their artwork made one look again (and again). So agree re. stinky feet!

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