Aristotle, etc

I was so sick of uploading blog pictures yesterday that I neglected to write up class notes. For tutorial we looked at the second part of the Meno. The opening question was; how are virtue and knowledge connected? We spent a good deal of time talking about Socrates’ demonstration of recollection as a path to knowing, as when he questions the slave boy concerning the length of the side of a square double in area a four foot square.

In precept we read the first act of Richard II and commented thereupon. The opening question was: why does the first scene begin with such a strikingly formal tone?

Wednesday is a slow class day: we only have tutorial in the morning, and afternoons are free except for an optional lecture. We began a six class bout of Aristotle’s Metaphysics; today was book 1: chapters 1-5, just to get a sense of A’s project, I think. We were asked to take an especially close look at the progression in chapter one: how does A go from his opening remarks that “all human beings by nature stretch themselves out toward knowing,” through a brief consideration of experience, art, and knowledge, toward his claim at the end of the chapter that “wisdom is a knowledge concerned with certain sources and causes.”


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