Preceptorial allocations came out yesterday. I’ve been assigned Greek Mathematical Thought and the Origins of Algebra by Jacob Klein. I don’t understand how or why that happened, as it was my third choice out of four and includes the one fellow student I outright asked not to have another class with. My working theory at the moment is that I can’t just spend all of high school math class complaining about failing to understand where any of this algebra stuff came from or why we have it, then bring up in Confession irritation and avoidance of said classmate, and expect to get away with not dealing with either ever again. *Sigh*


One thought on “Preceptorial

  1. oh no!!!! Ooof. Sounds like another blatant instance of God’s humor. Are you certain you cannot switch into another precept? I think things like this are possible, unless you decide to go the obedience route and accept the circumstances. Might be good penance . . . too bad the semester stretches beyond Pascha.

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