Happy March! As my father might mention, we’re a sixth into the new year. Sunday after church I went to a gospel choir show with some friends; it was neat. I mostly mean that the doing something with friends was neat; the gospel choir was energetic, but not my cup of tea, as the saying goes.

The past two weeks Holy Trinity has been having a Sunday soup supper, edifying media presentation (a film and a podcast, so far), and a discussion. Tonight we were supposed to be starting Ostrov, a Russian film about a monk on an island, but the DVD was not compatible with the DVD player on account of being produced in a foreign region. Instead, we had a discussion on time, busyness, noise, silence, etc. The usual observation came up: we intoxicating ourselves with a perpetual stream of noise through recorded music, movies, computers, game systems, and so on. Yeah, sure, no doubt. Some of us, however, are introverted graduate students, and can spend three hours on a Tuesday afternoon simply sitting in a beam of sunlight and enjoying the silence. I didn’t bring it up, because I suppose that the majority of everyone everywhere is no doubt too productive for that sort of thing, but I also cannot suppose my position to be unique, especially among the young Christian introverts of the world.


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