Neglected word of the day: Logismoi

Blessed is he who seizes and dashes your little ones against the stones.

In Orthodox theology those little ones are the Logismoi (log like in logos -IS-mee), those excitable, irritating thoughts fluttering around our minds. It’s important to smash them before they become full-blown passions. They flatter, demean, gossip, complain, and generally make nuisances of themselves, like children who have been too long in a car. When you sit down to write a paper they tell you it’s stupid and you’re stupid too. When you’re studying education, they spend hours and months yammering about how illogical the professors, assignments, and schools are until you can hardly take it any more. This is admittedly not as cool as nous, but even so it seems like a useful word to have, because it creates a bit of a gap between our thoughts and ourselves, and suggests ignoring or supplanting logismoi type thoughts. As in “it’s just logismoi, you don’t have to listen to them!”


3 thoughts on “Neglected word of the day: Logismoi

  1. by the way I lied to you the other day its “analogical” not “analogous”. Now you can make your collection one word bigger. 🙂

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