A Conundrum

 This afternoon I wrote a few hundred words each on three different topics before finally giving up. I keep writing about variations on the theme of why Orthodoxy makes more sense than Evangelicalism. While that may be true, I’d just as well not be writing about it all the time. The thing is, I see what must be concerns of a number of people in the form of best-selling books, popular churches or speakers, or whomever, and I think to myself that’s a valid concern, but he’s forgetting about ___. Like my sentiments about Eldredge, Miller, and the Quest or Story, or whatever other capitalized venture we should launch ourselves on. So I want to answer that, and present an alternative. But the difficulty is that the next thing I know I’m bringing in sacramental theology, or eschatological time, or a non-judicial understanding of salvation, or something else pulled from Orthodox theology, probably in the form of a saint or a service.

That bothers me because it seems to more or less preclude me from writing effectively to the majority of the people I know – who are not Orthodox, and who I’m not even trying to convince to become Orthodox, but its theology and anthropology are the best way for me to make sense of what’s going on. Besides that, I’d really like to keep up on American culture – especially the conservative Christian part of it, because at the moment I hardly understand the other parts of America at all – enough to write on it. I’m not in touch with Evangelicalism anymore, even through college groups or Bible studies like at NAU, and Holy Trinity and St. John’s have their own thing going on, which is good, but by no means mainstream. I mean, I spend all my time at Antiochian Orthodox services and reading people like Hobbs and Aristotle. Suggestions are welcome. Unless you suggest I read or watch the news. That is not welcome.


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