For those who don’t know, it’s a fairly ancient medium (aprox. 500 BC) that involves tinting and painting melted beeswax. You know that really famous Christ of Sinai icon? That’s encaustic. So anyway, I intend to learn to paint (write? make? I’m never sure of the appropriate verb here). There are some encaustic artists in town, one of whom is offering a three day workshop at the end of August, but unfortunately she does abstract expressionist works, rather than figurative. Nevertheless, I’m sure it would be useful to find out how she handles the medium, and the technical aspects of applying the wax, tinting it, keeping it hot, etc. Being somewhat foolish, I’m going to try to learn how to do the iconography part on my own, probably fail, and probably have to go somewhere and fond someone who actually knows how to do these things the proper way

Is it possible to gild encaustic? It doesn’t look like this one is.


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