Savagery in Orleans

My father has finally written something over at his blog, Redmarble:

“They fought like cats and dogs.” It is a cliché because it is a commonplace, something said so many times for so many years that it hits our ears, our sensibility, and bounces off. “They disliked each other a great deal and yelled and shouted at each other.” Yawn. But as I was walking back to our apartment in St. Jean-de-Braye I saw a group of people, mostly children, watching an event which was quite exciting: a dog and a cat were going at it at full tilt, scratching and biting and mauling and screeching and bleeding, a dustdevil of two small animals in a sanguinary blur.

“Sanguinary blur?” Really? But anyway, go read it if you’d like.


One thought on “Savagery in Orleans

  1. How dare you make fun of me! Although I did throw in a bunch of adjectives I might have taken out, and might still take out if I wish to be more “stark”, to return to the theme of Kugel. I also sort of wondered why I was capitalizing a lot of ideas or concepts at the end.

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