Blessed Holy Week

You may have noticed that my blog has assumed some new clothing in the form of a Holy Week banner. Well, it’s not Holy Week yet for me, but it probably is for you. Did you wave palms on Palm Sunday? Well, if not there are still opportunities out there before Easter Sunday. Mostly these are in the form of Good Friday services, and mostly they are at liturgical churches. For some reason non-liturgical churches have mostly dropped them. It’s probably difficult to be very solemn when all your worship is accompanied by soft rock, but how about giving it a good try? It will make Easter that much more joyful, and is worth the effort! And if you’re Catholic there’s sure to be a service; probably many. Avail yourself of the opportunity. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Blessed Holy Week

    1. 😦 Did you at least go on Easter? You couldn’t skip out on Easter!

      BTW, there is still an opportunity to go to Holy Week services. Three more days of them to be exact. 😉

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