The Equinox was about two days ago, and, as I mentioned earlier, it’s now sunny until around 9, and full dark shortly before 10. It is not, however, much warmer; still hovering around 0, though rumors say it may get as high as 20 this week. Since there are a couple of feet of solid ice on all the roads, I don’t want it to melt *too* fast, or nobody will be able to get anywhere without wading in freezing water.

What with the weather and reading distributist articles and not having enough to do, I’ve come down with a bad case of Springitis. I want a garden. This happened last year, but I never ended up doing anything about it, since I always make plans to be gone in July and August – just when I’d be growing whatever it is I want to grow – in my case melons. So I really want to get to Tucson and plant some bush beans, melons, squash, and whatever else grows during the summer in Tucson. Surprisingly enough, there are such plants. However, being still in college/school mode, I’m already making plans to be out of town in June, July, and August. It’s a bad habit of mine. If this one think I’ve been looking into doesn’t go through, though, I’m determined to go home, join some artsy clubs, and grow some melons. If that works out, I’ll grow some hydroponic stuff and perhaps some tomatoes, and make salsa with them. Being indoors on a computer all the time is both addictive and demoralizing. So in perhaps a week I’ll either start posting info on the garden I’m planning on researching, or else let you know about that other thing. I’m actually excited to be in Tucson in the summer. Something is seriously wrong with me.


One thought on “Spring

  1. you’ve just forgotten, since you can’t really imagine being hot anymore, how depressed you get from the incessant heat. But we do have air conditioning now. And if you rent a place they would probably have good air conditioning

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