Kuskokwim Regional Basketball Tournament

Friday and Saturday we hosted the regional basketball tournament here in Tuluksak. After getting off to a rather bumpy start due to weather (we were going to have a game Thursday night, but nobody could get in in the wind and snow), things went pretty well. Our guys team played alright, and were well behaved, but didn’t earn any special awards. Our girls team won second in the division and the good sportsmanship award. The stands were filled all day, and there were about thirty little kids wondering around and running into people most of the day. Being neither very social, nor into basketball, I sat on the floor in a corner of the library and wrote notes on my computer when I wasn’t on duty. That was more entertaining anyway, because I got to listen to stories from our state trooper. In all there were no major catastrophes, and a good time was had by everyone inclined to having one.


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