Making things simpler…

So, we’re not quite at the computer, banana, balloon stage yet. We’re still at the “make nine equal squares” stage. Unfortunate, but true. I made a “how to make nine squares” directions sheet, but it’s kinda ugly. And so, for your viewing pleasure, I give you instead their next exercise, “how to draw a carrot,” made this afternoon by myself. To prove that it’s not that I don’t work – it’s just that I don’t work on the right stuff. For anyone who cares to know, this is the kid version of vector art.




2 thoughts on “Making things simpler…

  1. amusing and helpful I should think. I hope your kids appreciate you even if they don’t say so–or do some, or even one, of them? say so?

  2. What a cool and creative lesson! How could someone not like your class?
    As a sometimes class clown, I’d have to ask, “Is there a Format–> Object–> Make Edible command?”

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