Quote on Eloquence

There are men – and men, too, highly distinguished for learning and science – who set a very low estimate upon eloquence, and would have nothing to d with it. For, in their opinion, it is perfectly clear that its purpose is to excite the feelings, which is always useless, and sometimes even injurious; nay, Eloquence commonly carries its pretensions still further, and, in the best orators, it is the design plainly prominent, and even acknowledged by themselves, to master the heart, to rule the will, and torn it whithersoever they wish. But this, from its very nature, whatever be the manner in which it is done, is not at all compatible with in which man stands to his fellow man, and is therefore, strictly considered, contrary to morality; and the more so, from the fact, that commonly the orator makes use of cunning deceptive tricks of art, rather than honorable weapons. (Dr. Francis Thermin. Eloquence a Virtue. 1897.)


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